Is adult content allowed in the condo before you have sorted out some sort of filter?

I just wanted to know what can you put on the condo canvas’s and if its allowed this early on in the game. I remember the devs mentioning that there will be a filter for adult and offensive content, but because it isn’t in the game now, is it allowed.

Yes, you can have whatever you want in your condo. Condos are hosted by the player. In this sense, they are the player’s server. Following this logic, the player is then in charge of the rules to their server. As such, you are allowed to do whatever you want within your condo. Do be mindful of what you say in public chat, though, as that is seen by the plaza server you are linked to!


Just to add somes infos about it, you can use the tab button to switch to local chat, so only anyone in your condo will see the chat.