Is a lobby 2 condo seriously out of limits?

So a port of the original map would be ludicrous, but what if the map is dumbed down, less textures, maybe even removing some buildings, removing the board walk, and scaling it down, if the lobby 2 remake was similar to to gmodtower lobby 2, is it possible it could be a condo?

yes I am aware of what mac has said regarding a lobby2 condo, but this would be different. Again, it would be dumbed down, maybe it could even be released along side with the community condos.

  • I would be interested in seeing a lobby 2 community condo.
  • I wouldn’t care if this came out or not.
  • I think resources/ development time should be spent elsewhere.

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If something like this ever came out, I’d only want it to happen after their current obligations are met.


I’m indifferent to whether or not this happens, but it would be a hell of a lot easier to implement than the lobby one condo. That said, they would have to make every surface editable, and I’m sure that’s easier said than done, not to mention plenty of other changes they would have to implement.

I’d say it would be neat to have, but I wouldn’t be upset if we never got it.

It won’t be happening, it’s far too complicated and way too time consuming, not to mention it would pretty much need to be developed from the ground up again.


Legit question. Why would it have to be remade? If it exists in the game already, why can’t it just be released as a condo? Just curious

It’s made up of multiple sub levels and adding customization to it would require completely redoing all the models to support it.


Ah, ok. Makes sense.

One of the main reasons we made lobby 3 was because lobby 2 just became to much trouble to be worth salvaging it. When we first started making lobby 2, we were much less experienced than we are now. We’ve learned and grown a lot between now and then. We have much better understandings of optimization, social game level design, how to work with UE4 in general, etc. “Under the hood”, lobby 2 was full of problems. All of these little under-the-hood problems added up to contribute to many issues including the larger loading times and constant hitching that happened when moving around the plaza. Overall, it just needed to be rebuilt from scratch. We used this opportunity to also redesign the plaza itself as well, as we felt the layout was not great.

To make a lobby 2 community condo would be a gargantuan effort. 80%+ of the plaza’s geometry would have to be completely redone. The optimization work would be intense. Lobby 1 took a lot of work to bring back, and lobby 2’s workload would dwarf that. It’s not worth that kind of development effort. Instead, lobby 2 should remain a memory, and should remain as a lesson learned for everyone on the dev team who was responsible for it.


Broke: Lobby 2 condo
Woke: Lobby 3 condo

haha wow that was cool