(IRL) Tower Unite logo sprite art!

This is only a master copy that I can use as a reference to make others, which is why I used white beads. If I make any more, I’ll use the more familiar Turquoise color. If I make any more though, I’m not sure what to do with them. I was thinking of selling them and donating all the proceeds to the Indiegogo, what do you think @macdguy? I normally sell my pieces at various prices, but I’d rather not do so without your permission considering you guys own the rights to the logo and whatnot.

Water bottle for scale.


banana for scale?

looks cool man!

that’s an odd looking banana

There was a time where those things were quite popular around the internet, but I never really got to understand what their actual scale was. I guess I know now thanks to your bottle. Great work by the way!

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that is TIGHT