Irc chat not working

i tried to connect to the new server ( and it wont work
anyone else having this problem?

It was moved to a different IRC Server.

You may want to brush up on current events however.


yes, but the new server wont work for me, it wont connect.

You’re always welcome to join #TowerUnite on Rizon (: a server that you should have no problem connecting to since you’ve been on Rizon before

Official server has been moved to Synirc. You can connect to #pixeltail on or use the new KiwiIRC.

ok yes i know that, but i have problems connecting to that server.

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If you’re using HexChat, then edit the Synirc network settings and check ‘Accept invalid SSL certificates.’

ok i’ll see if that works, but just saying, the website doesnt connect to the server properly either.

Until the IRC drama is reduced to none and the IRC is handled in a way that PixelTail Games is accepting of, we’re gonna de-announce our support for an official IRC channel. You guys are free to continue making your own fan ones.


I see no IRC drama, just an unmitigatible conflict of interest here. It’s up to the people to decide with whom they’d like to congregate. Thanks for your support in our making of un-official channels, though! The more alternatives and choices for a given user, the better.


I will only make a post since I don’t really want to push the drama further, but I would like to have my opinions stated on the matter:

I am seriously disappointed by the turn of events that took place. While I was expecting this to happen, I never expected this to happen like this. What Spriteclad has shown was an immense unprofessionalism when taking care of the issue, to the point of inviting members who are not even familiar with the Pixeltail team and to the point of offending other members and using his position to push his opinions further.

As for Mac, I seriously thank you for your decision. Staying away from the IRC business is definitely the best for your team and as well as the position of Pixeltail as a whole, and having the right to make unofficial IRCs at will also helps making sure that various opinions can be present in this environment. My only last request would be to un-pin the topic which Spriteclad made a room off as he still advertises his room as being the official one and instead make a global topic where anyone can post their own rooms.

Finally but not least, for everyone who feels a bit troubled when joining the IRC after all this situation, we will make clear that #TowerUnite is made by members for members of community, and modded accordingly to that. In a similar fashion to that, here’s also a KiwiIRC link for those who wish to enter.

One last word tough. After the events that transpired I will also take more caution when it comes to posting on the forums. Since a member of the moderation has shown a cold position regarding mine and other’s members presence, I also fear that our position and open discussion can be censored in order to suit the interests of that same person.

Thank you.