Invisible item to set players into a specific pose?

Hi guys,

I think this may already be planned internally considering we’re getting the sitting volume but just in case it wasn’t, I’d like to propose an idea I’ve always missed having in the game.

I wish there was some kind of invisible item that would load a ghost default player model in a variety of different poses (sitting, standing, sleeping, dancing, leaning on a wall, ) showing which pose and in what direction it would be.

Then when interacted with, it would put the player into that pose. Similar to what the NPCs do when you select different actions for them, except for players.

That way you could breathe life into workshop models and all the other models in the game that don’t have an action tied to them already. It could also be a solution to say, someone using a large scaled up chair as one long bench, disabling the actions for that chair and then placing “pose blocks” along it so that players could sit down, normal sized.

Would love to hear what other people think!

Apologies if this is already planned.