Inverted Y-axix

Please, allow us to invert the y-axis in-game. Maybe the x-axis for those who play that way. It is just difficult to go from other games with an inverted y-axis and changing how I play for Tower Unite.

Seems like a sensible addition.

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This may be slightly off topic, but does anyone remember this game: during the tutorial it had one of the “look at lights” y inversion tasks and if you looked at the bottom one first you got yelled at that you were a foot soldier not a fighter jet. Been nagging the back of my mind for a while now.

On topic, this would be a great addition even if I don’t use it.

That does sound kinda familiar. Halo 1 comes to mind but it didn’t yell at you.

That is from a Game Informer magazine article about First Person Shooters. Or at least that is where I saw it.

Is it really? Now I am going to have to go flip through my collection