Inventory System


This looks really great, so much better than GMTower. Its also great to see that moving to unreal 4 has already opened up so many possibilities to make everything just right. :smile:


###Fixup on placing inventory items

Now when placing an item, the game sweeps the item’s collision mesh through the world to determine a valid spawn position.

This has been my day so far:


Loving the tidy blueprints!

Edit: You upgrade to 4.8.0?

Edit2: Love the “UsefulShit” class/function/something…


Yeah we’re updated to 4.8.0 now.

UsefulShit is a utility class I made for static Blueprint functions that I don’t have a place for yet, currently it contains:

  • ClearViewportWidgets
  • SweepPrimitiveComponent
  • SweepActor


#Update: Woah We Have Stores Now!

Sorry for the poopy framerate, I need to purchase a capture device at some point to save on CPU usage.

####Stores populate items based on Category.
So if you make “Food” items, and then make a “Food” store, the store will automatically load items based on that category.

####Items are extendable Blueprint types.
So for instance, we can make a BaseChairItem that has settings for the model and sit positions as well as code to drive it, and derive every chair from that type.


one word: hype


Is it just me or are you working really fast compared to Source?? Oo


Well, he’s developing on the unreal engine, and that game engine is truly unreal, so it only makes sense that his working speed is unreal as well.


After some great work by @Zak, I went in and did some fiddling with the store UI.

I had this idea back in GMod Tower, but we couldn’t fit it into the game.

####Stores have a physical locations while purchasing items
Of course we’ll still have the store NPCs, but instead of just a popup menu, it’ll take you to a more 3D menu.

####Searching and filters
The store GUI has searching and soon also category based filters (chairs, beds, sales, etc.).


This game is taking shape very fast, this is so awesome!

EDIT: Just saw your pun in the title ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)