Inventory Portable Tools: Release 2




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  • Physics Blaster (name TBD) - Applies physics force to an item that has physics
  • Aligner (name TBD) - Aligns an object with another object in different directions or orientations
  • Painter - Paint colors or materials onto items
  • Copycat support for surfaces
  • Copycat support for lights


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Reading this like


tis i like


Huh, that’s such a simple way to allow builders to share their works. I can see this function being used extensively.


@A_Blue_Gryphon perfect meme! Freaking spot on my reaction :joy::joy:


I just can’t…


No Seriously, this is gonna save me pulling my hair out on my new project


[ul][li]“Copy Cat - Copies item properties from one item to another. It also features an item duplication mode that allows you to completely copy an item into the world (as long as you own the item).” has been checked off on the “Tools” checklist.[/li][/ul]


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