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Hey guys! I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Ryan “bonkars” Conspiracy, but most people know me by prof.bonkers or profbonkars.
I am currently eighteen years old and a Senior in High School. While I am not a top name, I was a professional gamer, meaning, I got paid to play. I am more commonly known in Team Fortress 2. When I am not playing competitively, I am working! For the last five years I have been fortunate enough to be able to work for servers and groups such as Mineplex, CorridorDigital and PBFortess, to name a few. I have worked as a moderator, community manager, and a developer for many projects such as

Minecraft? I love Minecraft. Earlier this year I worked as a Website Administrator for EnderCraftBuild.
I was recently a moderator and Wiki Team member for, previously known as McBrawl. I currently work for the HiveMC.

What do you do in real life bonkars? I am an amateur photographer and film maker (and a full time high school student). At school, I am an technician for the theatre department. Also trying to learn how to code Linux and Java.

This was just a little description of what I love doing. I have been a long time fan of GMod Tower, and when I saw they were making a seperate title, I jumped at the chance to contribute. I backed the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. I hope to meet and see you guys on game, servers, and forum. Please introduce yourself to me, for I love meeting new people. I may be a cat, but I do not scratch.

Thank You for reading and I hope to meet you!
~ meoow

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Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums fellow Java Developer.

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I re made the into thread, haha.


Welcome to the forums @profbonkars. Enjoy your stay and I hope to meet you on the server at some point as well. :smiley:

Well… for an eighteen year old, you do quite the triple of the stuff I do.

Welcome aboard! :boat: