Introducing... your future condo!

Basically show off or describe your condo that you want to see some point in the future.

Here is mine, with no furniture
…I know its crap, I drew it in, like, 5 minutes…


Just drew it out. considering the pricing of materials and supplies at hand and what I already know how to do this seems pretty fitting.

Sorry some parts are messy, I was writing in pen.


I would probably want a condo that looked like this:

I may need to draw in some things, like doors and counters.


That looks awesome. By the way, what is going to be in the serious room? A serious table?


EXPLANATION: So I recently had this idea that popped into my head, and it went something like “What if the condo I had looked very small… but in reality it was only hiding a HUGE gameshow room?” So I did that. Eventually when the condo update comes out in ages from now, I’ll have it set up to have a gameshow in my condo that can only be accessed by me opening hidden doors behind a wall. I’m gonna call it “WHIZBANG!” (probably) and it’ll probably happen two or three times a month in my condo. I hope to make the experience as fun as possible, and I’ll give out schweet schwag and even some Unit prizes (if possible) for the winners!

I’ll let you guys know when I’m actually able to make this happen. I’ll be hosting it and I’ll eventually be recording and editing all the eps onto YouTube. It’ll be sort of like a hidden gameworld, tucked away in the condo lobby. What do you guys think?


That sounds cool. I hope I’ll be able to participate one day.


I have one. But its just a square. Nuff Said.



the domain for your image “” is awesoome

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Here’s my MS Paint drawing of my ideal condo. Probably will change.

Oh wow, nice catch! That’s pretty funny.

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I didn’t realize this at all.

A Dust 2 styled condo? Holy shit that’s one of the best ideas ever.