Introducing Tower Express


We’re pleased to announce the public alpha of Tower Express, the online marketplace for Tower Unite.
You can visit Tower Express by going here.

For those who haven’t heard, Tower Express allows for the purchase of up to 1,000 items at a time, without going to the Plaza. In addition, Tower Express allows for the sale of multiple items at a time, gone are the days of spending hours selling all 50,000 of your potatoes. All purchases are made using in-game units.

During this alpha phase, the overall design of the website are subject to change. We’re aware of issues with the UI not scaling correctly on smaller screens, and these issues will be addressed during this alpha period. For more information, there’s a FAQ provided on the website.

Please let us know of any issues you find, by posting them here. Hope you enjoy it!

Weekly Dev Log for March 16th, 2018

Applause! I love Tower Express! This really expresses me!


While we are on the subject would it be possible to raise the amount of items you can buy ingame to the same amount as in tower express.
It gets annoying to only be able to buy 100 in total when you are trying to buy a amount larger than that.


Due to Steam Limitations, Tower Express operates differently than the in-game stores do. Because of this, both the Plaza and Tower Express operate completely independently, with different code and systems. It might take a bit for what was done with Tower Express to be migrated into the main game.


Nice, I like it. I hope you will keep updating it when you get the new items!


Okay guys I have a very serious question
How does the catsack drive if it has no hands??


He’s not, the wheels aren’t moving for one thing.


Probably without steering.


In Tower Unite, there are special delivery roads for orange trucks only that go in straight lines, so Catsacks don’t need to steer while driving.

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