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Ay, I’m MasterofPuppets, an old-timer in this here community. Looking forward to getting Tower Unite when it is available.
I played GMod Tower for a good portion of years, it’s the primary reason my playtime on GMod is at 3,000+ hours. I enjoy playing videogames and (attempting to) making SFM videos. I intend to gain knowledge of 3D design for future projects of my own.
I’m off and on when it comes to activity but maybe someday I’ll be able to meet you all in-game. I wish everyone the best.

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Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

Welcome, new PixelTail inhabitant!

Welcome MasterofPuppets!


Welcome to the forums @MasterofPuppets. Enjoy your stay! :smile:

Welcome! Come on in!

EVERYONE GET IN HERE! All Hearthstone jokes aside. Welcome pal!