Interactivity/Players option: Allow Damage From Players

@Arisu and I were talking about this idea- what if you had an option that you could opt-in to taking damage in the plaza. So when on, if someone shoots/hits/blows you up, you just die.

Like, imagine you’re standing in the Main Plaza Square talking to some friends, and all of a sudden you drop dead due to a stray bullet shot from Poseidon. That sounds sorta epic.

Another one we thought of is someone walks up and gives ya a wack with the pool noodle, meaning no real harm, except you just gib and explode into a pool of throwable blood wine decal.

Obviously would have to be an opt-in thing so you can’t just get massacred randomly.


This should be off by default but oh man i will so turn this on.
have my vote


It would be sooo cool to fight each other in the Plaza! In Condo too this option should be available, imagine fight in arenas created by players.


Isn’t this what the Duel feature is supposed to be?

Then again, efforts should be made to distinguish this from SDNL.

No, this would just be a way to kill people in general and dueling will have its own arena

Dueling Arena and SDNL are like- actively PvP. My thing with this is I want to just be murdered randomly, out of nowhere. In a deathmath/duel mode I’m expecting it.


that would be so good, just fooling around and killing my friends without having to start up a specific game


I’d love this feature, but to add this, maybe we should have three options:
OFF (by default), FRIENDS ONLY and EVERYONE.

I don’t know how they would balance all existing “weapons” and toys, but this sounds like a really fun and easy way to let players play their own little pvp minigames around the Plaza and Condos.


maybe to keep it simple every weapon would be a one hit kill or at least all weapons do the same amount of damage in the beginning of its implementation so they don’t have to worry about balancing. For me personally i don’t care what’s op or not as long as i can kill my friends finally lol.


I definitely won’t be opting in to it but I’m all for options.

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you just walk through the plaza, see someone who has a cool playermodel and suddenly they get sniped and ragdoll away, turns out they opted into getting killed and someone else guessed right.

I don’t think this would be healthy for the game, to be killed just like that while chilling into plaza.

That’s why it would be opt-in. Don’t wanna be killed, don’t opt-in.


I’d personally would like to have a battle with the items you’ve collected with others.


reminder that i still really want opt-in damage in the game


Sometimes we gotta post somethin’ more than once.

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WOOW epic!
I was just having almost same idea for a suggestion but just for condo because I didn’t know how to arrange it for plaza - i imagined it as condo set to activate damage for everyone who joins
But while that might be an alternative option for condos, this idea should work pretty great too!
wooow finally we’ll be able to put milestone weapons to some real use, can’t believe

lets go!

YOOOOOOOOO let’s go!

I wonder if there will be some sort of PVP indication to let others know you want to fight and how much each weapon will damage others. Must be difficult to change weapons from cosmetic only to actually damaging.