Integrate Twitch with the TV/Cinema

I’m not sure if Twitch’s API would allow for this, but I think it’d be really cool to add Twitch to the cinema and TVs, so we could all watch livestreams in the tower.


@DrDoctor, they did have this in Gmod Tower and I’d like to see it integrated into Tower Unite as well. A good alternative for people who don’t use Youtube.

I think this would be a great idea! I’m not sure if it would go well in the Cinema since livestreams tend to be pretty long compared to Youtube videos (although with voting it might not be so much of a problem), but it would be something I’d love to see in Condos.


I think just a general voting system in the Cinema would be a good idea too!

Indeed, I have no doubt that the video voting system from the GMT cinema will make its return (and maybe even be improved upon). It would be foolish not to include it!

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Yeah, I think it would work better on TVs as opposed to Cinema, but maybe the option for private theatres (in the Cinema plugin)?

The private theater idea would be kinda difficult considering just how many different theaters the server would be running. The point of a theater is to share videos…A private theater is pretty much putting a TV in your condo, then only allowing your friends to enter it.

Oh, private theaters, now there’s a whole idea on its own. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, though, since Condos can sort of act like private theaters. Of course, I never really played Cinema so I don’t really know the differences between watching in your Condo with friends and watching in a private theater.

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I used to play on a lot of dedicated Cinema servers. You could rent out whole theaters with in-server currency.

I don’t think this is even half necessary, since any player can just forward their ports, invite their friends to the server, and have the whole theater (and lobby) to themselves.

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There needs to be private theaters though. Fighting over what’s being played at a theater would really suck. I also don’t see why a single Tower Unite server can’t operate about the same amount of theaters that the Theatron map holds, with two public and four private. :stuck_out_tongue:

With the TVs it kind of operates an infinite amount. I think a better idea would be a bigger than big screen screen.

I do think that Twitch should be integrated as a feature of media in TU. Who wouldn’t want to watch a live stream with your friends at the same in your condo or theater? So yeah like the idea! (that’s a surprise for you author…)


Yes please, come to us :smiley:


To be fair, it beats making another thread about the same thing.

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I think it’d be cool. I’d watch a twitch stream of me twitch streaming me watching myself twitch steam Tower Unite.

You can already do that with the new browser system. Just click Options on the Twitch player, click the Popout Player button(?) and just copy and paste the link into your condo media player. Won’t work for theater though.