I’m thinking that there should be more musicle instruments like drums, saxophones, guitars, and many more. The button layout would look like the Piano’s layout, except the backround would be different and the keys would also be different. Instead of trying to play Master of Puppets on Piano, you would be able to play it on a Flute. Also, would it be possible to add animations to the instruments if you plan to add in my suggestion?

Drums and guitars are already confirmed with the $43,000 gemstone.


I wanted to play air guitar !

If they add any more instruments, I hope to god they allow for re-bindable keys. I absolutely hate having to press shift to access my sharps and flats. You need to be able to press certain black and white keys at the same time to play certain chords, which is currently impossible in GMtower’s piano.

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As a trombone player, id ;ike some brass instruments :grin:

Yes! Although possibly annoying, saxophones sound like an awesome idea!