Instead of reworking the spawn system in Virus, make a spawn effect

So once an infected player dies, the game will pick a place in which they spawn and have a summoning effect there, making it so that people know when to run, rather than the infected player just spawning in between them.

(also it was just my assumption that they might rework the system)

The spawning system seems fine now since most of the time it can prevent camping due to their placements.
A summoning effect would just make it insanely hard for anyone to catch anyone as they will know to run away and where to shoot immediately.


Getting blasted as soon as you spawn already happens enough. No thanks.

The infected have a timer before the flame activates, so even if an infected player spawns right next to a survivor, the survivor has plenty of time to get away. Unless this is changed in the future, this seems unnecessary.

The timer for the flame is enough.