Infinite amount of condo milestone items

i feel like it’d be really nice to be able to place an infinite amount of milestone items for your condo, (ex: lighthouse, birb, dioramas, etc.) or at least, a way to obtain more only if you have already passed the milestone. after a (small) amount of testing, all of the milestone items i have seem to work perfectly fine & compatible with eachother (at least that i’m aware of) in playground mode.

i also feel like this shouldn’t be specifically restricted to milestone items, but also the donor(???), gmt items (classic trophies, that one catsack i think??? etc), & other similar exclusive items that i can’t recall off the top of my head that you can place in your condo & only have one of.

i’m not sure if i would call it “limiting”? but i have definitely had a few scenarios where i wish i could place more than one of (x) item. considering (at least what i know) it seems fairly harmless & not too difficult to implement, i think it would be a small, but very welcome change!!

Maybe a “trophy” item you could buy at DIY that would copy/act as a clone of any special, one-time item you assign it?

Isn’t this what Playground is?

not necessarily! as an example, i’ll use the lighthouse milestone from fishing. with how it’s currently set up, i can only place down one lighthouse and no more whatsoever. if we could place down these milestone items an infinite amount of times, i could place multiple lighthouses in my condo at once instead of just one. you are correct about it being like playground mode, but this would be exclusive to milestone items and other limited, exclusive items that you can only obtain one of.

this wouldn’t exactly be playground mode because you’d be able to do this inside of your regular condo, not playground mode, meaning everything would save.

I think it’s an interesting concept. I’ll see what the other devs think.


This is what i’ve been wanting because it would make so many more of these items way more useful as well as i wish we could get more of the milestone pets

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From what the team discussed, seems like everyone is okay with making the milestones be infinite for your condo.


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