Indoor Pub

While there is a rooftop bar in the game right now. In the future, I would like to see an indoor pub that would have traditional pub games on it and be more useful and more easily accessed then the rooftop bar. I am thinking the theme should be like in UK pubs. I really like the look of them! I am hoping that the pub will be the next major location after the arcade and the casino.

Here is a list of games that could be in it.

English Pool (6ft Tables) (Red and Yellow Balls)
Board games (Backgammon, Checkers, Chess)
Card games (Classic Poker/Five Card Draw, Other Card Games)
Dice games (Shut the Box, Other Dice Games)
Table Shuffleboard

I am thinking one idea is that when someone is hosting a table they can pick the game they wanna host on a table. Of course, not all games would use the same table.

What other games would you like to see?

nou (uno)
basically the same as uno but has different cards

Guess the Drawing!
2 teams, each team will draw the category for example (Cat, hose, Monster, egg) for their teammate, if the teammate you’re drawing for guessed it, click a button that says (Got it) then the roles switch, the other team will have 1 drawer, and 1 guesser, the cycle repeats, the goal is to get to 10 points (can be changed from 1-30)