Indiegogo: More pledge options

To maximize your money gain you’re either going to need to add more tiers, you have already sold out 3. The new tiers need to go for at least 55 - 100$ or raise the maximum pledges for certain tiers, like the 90 and 75$ tier.

I’m suggesting this as when you get to the 60$ tier, the next available tier is 200$, now this is going to cause some problems with people, and most who were going to pledge a higher amount than 60$ are probably going to save some money and only pledge 60$. My friend wanted to donate 90$ when he got paid, but now he is only going to donate 60$ and save some money.

The new tiers could have a cap on them and give you like one extra key for the game like a 100$ tier that is just like the 90$ tier but gives you a beta key or something.

Can I suggest something happens with this stuff before youtubers get a hold of it?

If it is too late to edit tiers and pledges on Indiegogo, then disregard this post.

I believe this should happen as well. Any new perks added will be given to everyone else who donated originally, of course. Rather than the tiers being sold out, the item of the tier should sell out, then that tier has another unlimited item for everyone else who comes later.