Indiegogo is almost here! Here are a few questions

                      Here are a few questions about the campaign.

Don’t fell obliged to answer, i’m just generally interested.

  • Are you contributing?
  • Why are you contributing?
  • If you could change one thing about the campaign, what would it be? (e.g. asking price)
  • What do you expect the outcome of the campaign to be?
  • If you could add 2 more tiers to the backer chart, what would they be (based off the kickstarter one)

I didn’t ask how much you are willing to contribute, because that is a personal question, but you can always say if you want to. Also, do you like the banner? :smiley:

  • Yes
  • Standalone GMTower with WAY better performance and more features? You’d be crazy not to back.
  • It’s a bit early to ask that question as we have no idea what they have in store for us.
  • I think it will be funded, how much is still up in the air.
  • Can’t think of any.
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  • Hopefully (if I can scrounge enough cash before the campaign ends)
  • Have a better demo included on day one (or at least around that time).
  • Successful, though who knows if the goal will be exceeded or not. (i’m hoping it’ll be successful before the campaign reaches the halfway point)
  • Not sure about that one.
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I forgot to do mine :smiley:

  • Yes
  • To help the game be released, and to contribute to the awesome project. I am contributing also because PixelTail Games deserve it. After all, they did spend countless hours developing tower for us, so why not.
  • Same as @Spriteclad, have a better demo. This is why a lot of people didn’t back the game, purely because there was not much to show of it.
  • I expect the outcome to be very successful, due to more content expected to be on show the the campaign launches.
  • A $2.5k tier, that gives you a huge statue of yourself, on the boardwalk, and a $3k tier, that gives you a huge mansion house.
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  • 100% yes.
  • To help get the game funded and to continue GMTower’s legacy.
  • It’s to early to say at this stage (I may come back and change this answer once the campaign begins.)
  • I expect that the game will get funded this time around, provided everyone does their bit to spread awareness.
  • I can’t think of any at this point, but if I think of anything I’ll come back and change this.

Also, I really like the banner :smiley:

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  • Yuperino
  • I want Tower Unite to be a full game more than anything! It will open more possibilities to experience GMTower, and only for $15!
  • The stretch goals. A theme park at $150,000 seems a tiny bit far-fetched.
  • Only time can tell. I hope it comes to an end with $100,000(or more)!
  • I can’t really think of a reasonable tier. What you have is pretty reasonable.
    That banner is pretty sexy. I didn’t know a definitive amount, however, I was thinking somewhere within $15-$45.
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  • Sure
  • I had a really good time with GMTower and I trust PixelTail with this new amazing project
  • A better demo and a better trailer (referring to Kickstarter)
  • A complete success!
  • I can’t think about this one x)
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You misspelt “Indiegogo” in that image huehueheuheu /spellingnazi

  • If I could, yes :frowning:
  • Because I have never been so fucking excited about a game before.
  • A bit too early to answer this question IMO.
  • Pretty sure it will succeed, as it has PayPal support woooooo.
  • At 20$, you would get a small golden banner which you can wear that says “I backed this project yo”. And at 50$, you would get a miniature model of the Tower Unite logo on a holder!

@CuddyTurn @JamesDaGames Thanks :smile:

@Radek Awesome idea! And yeah, I just realized D:

Well as we all know I am the famous celebrity DA BIG G so I will be spending at least 80 dollars… o wait a second

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My answers :+1:

  • Yes of course!
  • Not sure if I can do $500 this time like on Kick, maybe $100-$300
  • A playable minigolf demo instead of ballrace demo.
  • Much better than the last one!
  • Not really too sure about this. All the rewards are pretty reasonable.

Yes, great work @SirParadox!

Thanks :smiley:

Wait a minute…

• Yes!
• I have been a part of the GMod Tower community for a long time now! And I am excited to see where it will all end up!
• Not quite sure
• Overall better in detail and information, and the added bonus of the demo for Ball Race! Not to say that the Kickstarter was bad.
• I have no idea