Indiegogo Backing(Multiple Purchases)

I’ve already bought 4 x $20 tier for me and 3 other friends under my account. I did this rather than doing the $50 one, because I wanted us to all get the same backer items. I just wanted to make sure that this was going to work out that way and I would get 4 copies and everyone could get their backer items. If not, is it possible for me to have my $80 of backing merged into a $50 tier and a $30 tier instead?

You can upgrade two of your $20 contributions to $30 and $50, but you would still have two other $20 contributions left. You cannot merge nor refund previous purchases, as stated in the Indiegogo TOU (Terms Of Use) when paying. Also, those links correspond to your personal Indiegogo account, so no-one can view them apart from you, unless they are logged into your Indiegogo account.

Yes, I knew they couldn’t see my contributions. I meant to link to my profile page directly in case the account in question was asked. I also understand I can’t get a refund, I was just wondering if the Admins may be able to do anything about it themselves. I really just want to confirm that it will, indeed, give me 4 copies of the game, since I did purchase the tier 4 separate times, and also that the people I am giving the copies to will be able to claim the backer items.

Yes, you will get 4 copies of the game ^.^

I hope I can get the backer items attached to my friend’s email addresses/ steam accounts. Otherwise I spent $30 too much. In which case, I could have also gotten an extra copy of the game and the $30 tier rewards…which is probably what I should have done instead.

sigh I am going to shamelessly bump this. No one can seem to give a definitive answer on the rewards or on merging. Indiegogo hasn’t responded to my inquiry about merging that I submitted like 5 days ago. I need communication dangit haha. I should have just spent the money on myself and left my friends to fend for themselves once early access hopefully comes out.

Sorry we can’t help you more. I think this involves more Indiegogo than PixelTail, so it’s all up to them

Yeah, that’s what I figured. I tried to be fair for everyone I was buying a copy for and I just made things really complicated instead. Should have stuck them with the copies from the $50 tier and then given myself a higher tier with bonus items.

You bought 4 $20 tiers, and every $20 tier comes with a game and the shoes ect. So why would everyone not get everything? That makes no sense. Of course you’re going to get everything, and your friends will too… (As long as you send them the codes)