Increased Traction in Minigolf

As of the time I am posting this, the golf ball in the current weekly build of the Tower Unite alpha rolls as if it is on ice. It may be an intended feature, and I respect that decision. However, why not increase the traction more as the velocity of the ball decreases?

If the player wanted to hit the ball a short distance into the nearest hole, the ball should be rolling with increased traction so that it doesn’t bounce off of the rim of the hole and have enough speed to roll away on ice. In addition, fully powered shots should remain as they are, as they allow for awesome and long shots to be made using full power (and potentially may introduce skips into Minigolf*), but as the ball loses velocity, it should slow down appropriately.

TL;DR Having less traction while full power enables for longer shots to be made, while having more traction while slowed down or making more precise shots enable for a more controllable golf ball.

I apologize if this tweak was already planned. From what I saw, it seemed intentional.

*Skips in TU Minigolf so far involve bouncing the golf ball in a manner so it jumps over an obstacle or wall.

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I’m pretty sure the way the ball interacts in Minigolf isn’t set in stone yet.

They will definitely fix it because it looks like the ball is gliding on butter, and if they don’t. Lord have mercy

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I mentioned this to @macdguy in Discord last night. Basically, the physics are still under heavy development, and they’re horrendously broken.

Run a ball along a wall if you don’t believe me. You’ll never stop.

Hey hey hey, they are not that broken. It’s just the way we handle wall collision at the moment.

They are of course still in development as it is still an alpha.


I do enjoy playing golf on an ice rink. :smile:

Perhaps the “ice rink” physics could be used in an ice-themed Minigolf level?

Can you go further in depth when describing the physics as an ‘ice-rink’?

We’re satisfied with the rolling resistance on just the green, but we noticed that riding walls causes the ball to roll for a much larger distance. if that’s what you’re referring to, we’ll be taking a look into it in the near future.

We’ve already noticed cases of the ball stopping on hills as it is, so increasing the current rolling resistance on the green isn’t really a smart idea. (We have separated physics materials for the green and the walls)

hey we looked into it

we overwrote the friction combine mode and played around with coefficients and we’re happy with the results.

left is old, right is new.



Comparing the physics from GMT Minigolf to TU Minigolf, the physics feel more like an ice rink because the ball rolls further than expected. It is much easier to bounce the ball off of the side of the hole in TU than in GMT.

GMT physics are bullshit to be frank, it acts nothing like a real golf ball should: It’s impossible to get up hills, riding a wall is like sandpaper, and the power is just overall an unreliable experience. In retrospect, Karafuru should be an easy course, but the way the physics behaves turns it into a tedious nightmare.

We’re keeping GMT in mind, but these tweaks are making it so much better than what it used to be.


Alright. It’d be nice to see the old physics come back in a Mutator, if possible (Assuming maps won’t break with them on, and the project isn’t hard/is worth doing some time in the future).

Edit: Yep this was a bad idea

First off, the thought of that makes me nauseous.

Secondly, I would think it would absolutely break the maps.

So, a mutator that makes it frustrating to play?
good idea

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If you’ve ever played real minigolf, the ball generally moves much “looser,” as it were, than it ever did in GMT, and I think they did a good job at replicating it. It’ll take some getting used to for sure, but overall it’s much better now.

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That looks so much better. :smile: