Increase Voice Chat Range


Yeah I can’t hear anyone with a mic that’s basically just a room away.
Anyway we get a wider range? and could have a slider to choose how far we hear people?


This may have been suggested before but this really is one of the most annoying things IMO, I use my condo alot and its extremely hard to hear people almost all of the time, even if a slider is too complex right now I’d much rather have a toggle for it atleast. Most times me and my friends just don’t bother and I feel like that hurts the social feel alot.


adding on to annoying things with voice chat. Tabbing out.
Can we PLEASE have the game audio persist when you tab out? It’s annoying when talking to people and you tab out to get a bit of info or do something else (whilst watching TU on a second monitor in my example) and then not hearing anyone who talks in voice chat.


I hate that too, someone strikes a conversation but I need to look up some info, so then I either got to tell the guy to shut up, tab out while they’re talking, or wait.

especially hate it when I’m listening someone play a song on the piano and go tab out, then once I tab back in I have to type stuff like “Good job!” “claps” “you’re getting better!” and stuff even though I didn’t hear the majority of the song.