Increase the infection radius of infected in Virus

Even at 80 ping a common criticism I (and anyone playing at the time) has of Virus is the fact that in most servers touching your opponent does nothing to infect them. Sometimes the only way I can infect people is by running directly ahead of them on my screen, as a horde of people touching them often does nothing. It just feels frustrating, surely there must be an improvement that can be made to help aid this problem?

Unfortunately, this is all due to ping. I’m sure the devs are trying their best when it comes to ping, but I don’t think we should increase all infected’s range because of it. What I think the match is doing, is: The Infected’s client (Let’s say 80 ping) is touching a survivor. On the survivor’s screen they’re not, and the match goes with what the survivor sees. Again, I have no knowledge on programming, and I am totally guessing.