Increase notepad chara max, or a new item please?

While on paper, the big ol’ “999” looks somewhat hard to fill, but honestly I’m finding it difficult to trim down content to fit that unfortunate character cap.

So instead I’m proposing either an increase in maximum characters into the lower thousands orrrr - a new object with text properties, maybe a new book object?

Oh, and while I’m at it: How about changing the actual title text on the front of the object to go to the next line instead of a very long title that stretches further than the physical dimensions of the notepad?



Frankly, there’s been a need for more/better text displays for a long time now.

Something that always bugged me is that the window for notebook text is strangely small and square. Why not taller and shaped like an actual page? It’s beyond easy to write enough that you have to start scrolling, even with the limited character count.