Increase max token limit

With the increase in prices for machines, I think it would be better if the token limit was increased to something like 500 to reduce people stealing machines when you go to buy more credits and to make it more convenient.

there’s no such thing as people “stealing machines”, it’s called sharing and it’s exactly why the token limit exists


Maybe from 250 to 300 wouldn’t be such a big deal?

agree, in real life people would literally stand at the machine playing as long as possible when they have tokens so long as they still willing to.

The token limit is fine where they’re at, just some machines are really expensive like Pluckapal(50) and Wheeloffire(20). The cheaper machines can go a while but gotta refill at some point.
For people saying “stealing” machines isn’t a thing, please look up and learn the definition of “stealing” and educate yourself.