Incorrect Trivia answer on Box Bot

The question on Box Bot trivia “what’s the best selling video game by date” available answers being Minecraft, Super Mario Bro’s, Wii Sports and Tetris

The answer read Tetris when Tetris only has 35,000,000 sales to date and Minecraft has 180,000,000 sales to date, more than 5x that Tetris has.

Don’t know what Box Trivia is, but it is not something we maintain. We develop Open Trivia Database.

This question does not exist in our database of verified questions.


It’s apparantly a Discord server bot. Not relevant here.

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The bot says to post incorrect answers to this webpage

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They are either using their own questions, or haven’t updated their database. That question does not exist on our database.

BoxBot is a discord bot, Pixeltailgames does not control what it does because they do not own it, as you can see by this link here: there forums are gone, contact them in their Discord to help with your solution.

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