Incorrect Answer ? Streetfighter

The question asked “Which of the following is not a character in the Street Fighter series?”, listing Ibuki, Mai Shiranui, Laura Matsuda, and Sakura Kasugano. The correct answer is marked as Mai Shiranui, however it’s more of a trick question because every one of those characters are part of the Street Fighter series, with Mai having been the only character to not be featured in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with the Terry DLC. It is listed under the Entertainment: Video games.

Mai Shiranui is part of Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, not Street Fighter. The rest of the characters listed are from Street Fighter, which is what the question is asking.

Terry is part of Fatal Fury/King of Fighters as well, not Street Fighter.

I don’t see the answer being incorrect here.


I think to make it more clear the phrasing should “Which of the following characters does not originate from the Street Fighter series?”