Incorrect answer in trivia

It asks where Homer and Marge met in the Simpsons and the correct answer is high school but the answer said summer camp which us wrong

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no they did meet at a summer camp when they were kids, in the episode “The Way We Weren’t”

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The Simpsons canon is a mess, really it should specify it more by asking “In Season XX of The Simpsons…”

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Simpsons Canon is quite a mess. Homer didn’t recognise Marge when they re-met in High-School because Marge’s hair was brown when he first saw her.

Time to bring up an extract from TV Tropes: “Marge & Homer met when they were circa 10 years old at summer camp and shared their first kisses together. When they met again in high school neither recognized the other (in part because one had very different hair and the other had an eye-patch when they first met).”