In main menu chat

A global chat like when you are in the lobby that you can talk with everyone but on the main menu :smiley:


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I don’t see a need for this. It can already be difficult to stay caught up with chat on just one server, never mind all of them at once.


would be cool to choose between different servers, kinda like chat channels


Maybe just a main menu chat like they do in overwatch (only people on the main menu can chat) so it doesn’t get cluttered. But either way I don’t see a need for this


This + more advanced chat (you can chat with others in lobby while you’re playing Ball Race :oooo)

This would be great for organizing games of Virus and Little Crusaders.

What about a way to switch between global chat and lobby chat :slight_smile:
Like what @Queen_Rabid said, to organize games and such

I’ve meant about chat like World of Warcraft does use, with options to enable or disable different channels.

This can be okay too, but I really like to look forward to not do single thing over and over without thinking “I could do this better…” and instead of that, you could just spend some more time on something better.