In Depth Customization

I think that we should have piece by piece clothing. So instead of like just the full suits that give you the shirt and pants and shoes, we should be able to pick those separately because we could have some cool mix and match possibilities. I think you guys should also add more hats and even more suits. Another cool thing would be being able to customize all of the colors of the hats, suits, and clothes, because with that we could have more diverse outfits and make stuff that didn’t color match before color match.

I think it will be realized later. At the moment there is a much more important tasks.
The only thing that I would like at this point, so it is opportunity to change the color of a gray tie, he’s part of my costume, but it is not very suitable in color.

It’s coming

I agree there is more important tasks :sunglasses:

The current models are placeholders, more detailed playermodels will come after they finish other content :stuck_out_tongue:

Player models are very low priority at the moment. The current models are placeholders. I’m pretty positive new/different clothing options will be coming later on. Its low priority and itll come later.