Improved Hitboxes

I know this has been posted so many damn times, but that’s for a reason. FIX THE HITBOXES. I love the devs, but oh my god every single minigame the hitboxes are insanely broken and it’s been like that since GMT. I’ll be beside and above the dragon in LC and I’ll get shot across the map. I’ll play Virus and I’ll get hit by a zombie from five feet away. You guys are adding a minigame focused on PVP and a Plaza event entirely based off of PVP, but you need to realise people won’t want to play them if the hitboxes are this bad. Just learn how to make a hitbox well. Again, I love the devs of this game and I think TU is fantastic (my fav game thus far) but damn the hitboxes are trash.

I don’t really have any issues with the hitboxes. Your ping is most likely just high, as Virus and Little Crusaders both feel normal to me.

My ping is usually 10-30 on almost all games. They made the hitbox for the dragon huge, and zombies either hit you from five feet away or can hit you five times before dying without even infecting

The hitbox for the dragon is huge because it wouldn’t be fun to try and do a fancy trick to hit the button, and the dragon needs to be able to efficiently stomp the crusaders as an attack.

Five feet isn’t very much, and since infecting isn’t on a touch basis anymore it seems like it’s mostly working as intended. And if you swing as an infected it will always play the noise, even if you miss the survivor.

I think that the LC hitboxes are fine, other than the occasional problems with stomp. But, i think the Virus hitboxes could certainly be improved. There’s many times i’ve been right near a survivor and mashing out the slashing button and it just doesen’t go. I don’t have this problem when i’m hosting. Then, i’m playing survivor and the infected is gnawing at me from about the length of 3 chairs away and i’m a glowing green zombie.

I don’t have this problem when i’m hosting

Which is probably because it’s a connection issue more than a hitbox issue

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We do the best we can with mitigating ping. That’s why in Virus we switched to attacking instead of touching. Our weapon prediction is pretty good, but it can be improved on. Little Crusaders was quite bad before the Quality of Life update. So we are constantly improving it.