Improved Casino (Roulette, Blackjack Table, Dice, etc)

As the game currently stands, the Casino is a pretty fun way to spend money. It might be just a bit too easy to make money there but that’s for a different topic. I would like to suggest that more casino games are implemented.

  • Roulette: This one is a classic and would not be too difficult to implement. It should probably be a table where everyone can go gather around to place their bets. There could be a timer for when the spin will occur and then payouts can be handed out accordingly. This should be a limitless casino game where the player can decide how many chips he would like to put in. The odds of winning should be mathematically correct with no handicaps to help the player make money.

  • Blackjack Table: I know video Blackjack is a thing but it lacks a certain feel that a Blackjack table would. It would be nice for a multiplayer table where players play against the dealer. Betting amounts should also be limitless here.

  • Dice Games: You know, higher or lower, craps, etc. Some of these would be pretty cool to see.

  • Coin Pushers: You are already making the code and models for this in the Arcade. Just bring it over to the casino and convert tokens into chips and we have ourselves a new addictive casino game!

  • Player vs Player Coinflip: This would be an interesting idea. One player decides a bet amount and another player can challenge him with an equal bet amount and then it would be a 50/50 to see who comes out with all of the credits!

  • Actual Chips vs Money: I like how machines require Chips but the current system of transferring money into Chips in real time is a bit wonky. It would add to the immersion if players had a new separate currency HUD icon above the existing one but this one would display Chips. Then the player would go into the casino and over to a counter to convert x money into y chips. Then the casino machines would only take chips. Once the player is done, (s)he would go and convert y chips back into x money. If the player runs out of chips while gambling, (s)he would have to walk over to the counter and order more chips. This would make things feel very real and it would help with confusion with chip-money conversions.

These are just the ideas I have now. I will update if I come up with any more ideas :slight_smile:

-I believe Blackjack and Roulette are already planned.
-Dice games sound cool.
-I don’t know why we need Wheely Rigged in the Casino.
-Also cool
-Last thing I personally don’t see a reason for.