Impressive BallRace times

Post here your best ballrace times.
I didn’t found any other thread about that, so.

Nimbus Level 1 : 4.46

I’ll add more probably later.

First and last levels of Nimbus:

A few good times I’ve got :slight_smile:

4.20 hum… you were going to the left or right side of the hole ?

Came in from the right.

I actually really like speedrunning stuff. Here’s my best times for Nimubs: (Edited for newer times)

And my best times for Memories:

Those are both Memories times.

shhh you saw nothing about my idiocy

Ohh, I did. :new_moon_with_face:

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Nice times :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll share my spreadsheet

EDIT: I’m terribly sorry about the level names, SOME IMMATURE PEOPLE IN THE SPREADSHEET CHANGE THEM @RainbowHD