Important Tower Unite Dates

Hello all. I’ve decided to condense all the date information from the Trello that @macdguy recently posted into one thread. These deadlines are directly from the Trello, and I would advise them to be seen as estimates!

This sheet is ordered by date.

I have compiled all of these into a Google Spreadsheet, that can be seen:


I wonder if Virus will actually manage to release on Nov 30th. Its a little close.

Most of (if not all) the assets have been shown off recently, and with @Zak gun system nearly complete, I wouldn’t see it being THAT far-fetched. Look how fast Minigolf happened after the Game Base? @macdguy came out and said he now considers Minigolf in Beta State. So, we’ll see what happens.

Thanks so much for this man! Neat to see what they got laid out for the future.
I haven’t bothered scanning through that Discord thread (waaaay too long), so this is nice.

Well, all of this is from the Trello. No need to use Discord to find all of this. I never use the Discord.

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