Impersonation in TU


Someone has been impersonating me in-game for the past 5-6 months, and after several reports through steam support nothing has been done. Talking in global chat in-game and writing tasteless comments on people’s profiles using my name (mostly my friend’s list). I’m just wanting to ask here for any advice people may have as I don’t want to be seen as a bad person in the TU community because of one person copying me.


Find their steam profile and report them. I think you can report them for impersonation.


I’ve reported them on their steam profile about this, thank you for the suggestion though


It’s been a while since you first posted about this, has anything happened yet? And I’m not sure if there are rules against it, but do you have a link to the imposter to report them/block them?


Dunno if Umbra checks the forums so,
Person was suspended from global chat for impersonation, so thankfully it IS against the rules

idk if we’re allowed to send links to people’s profiles


The person was indeed banned from Global Chat as the entire account was used just to impersonate and harass. The messages they sent on Global Chat also were found to be in violation of several of our rules.