I'm Taking a Break From the Forums

The forums have become a complete mess in the past few hours and I feel like I’ll be better off just not associating with it for a while. I’ll probably come back either when the reunion comes out or the constant arguments go away.

Most of you probably don’t care at all, but I just wanted to put this out here anyway.

Edit: I’m done with the break now. It looks like all of the controversy ended, probably.


Completely valid. This whole situation has had me on the verge of tears, it’s so dumb and stressing me out. I may do the same, honestly


i was considering taking a break as well, but it probably wouldn’t help me for a while.

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same, already planned to do so when i saw the drama start to boil big time

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Considering how active you are it’s completely acceptable, I may do the same.

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I’m thinking I’m gonna take a break too - but I’m now wondering if there’s even going to be a community or even a playerbase for TU left if/when I come back, because everything I’ve seen today has made me feel like I’ve just beared witness to the collapse of the one game community that I care about the most.


I might, while I am excited for GMT:R and the Open Source, I might need a break. I will still be active on the discord and on TU.

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You and me both.
This… has been really upsetting. I’m going to come back in a few days when there’s hopefully some clarification.


If anything be glad the people secretly rooting for towers failure have been revealed and called out, if you truly care about the community then that’s what should matter the most.

Making threads about the situation yet again only continues it and makes it seem bigger than it really is.

The original thread was locked so that’s it, no reason to continue it and everything that needed to be said was said. leave it at that and move on don’t assume the entire forums are going to fall to shit because of it. the community on the forums are a VASTLY different community to the community in game and that wont be affected.

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Why was this flagged?

I believe there’s a discourse bug going around lately? it happened to a few of my posts earlier too

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Alot of posts has been flagged today, i don’t know why


I just hope this isn’t pixel on damage control, cause this is what it would look like to an outsider.


Taking a break is not a bad idea at all. Stepping away to clear your head and get your emotions to settle could very well be healthy. I, personally, don’t feel completely overwhelmed by these recent events, so I’ll likely be lurking around in the background as usual, but there’s no shame in taking a break for as long as you need.

Emotional tension is definitely high right now, but I doubt the actual community damage will be quite as bad as it might seem. My hope is that, after everyone has had a day or two to process everything, we can all put these recent hostilities behind us. It’s a shame to see things like this happen, but every community has their rough times.

To those of you taking a break, have a good and restful one! Things will certainly get better soon!