I'm stoked for little crusaders

I can’t wait to see how all the gamemodes will look especially little crusaders because I think it’s being changed the most.


UCH is my favorite gamemode in Gmod Tower so I’m mostly hyped for Little Crusaders over all the other gamemodes :smiley:

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I’m looking forward to Zombie massacre, because I like PVE Coop games

I’m also looking forward to little crusaders, though at the moment, I don’t think they will change the game mode that much and only change the themes and player models used in the game so that it doesn’t infringe on any copyright.

Even if they wanted too, they wouldn’t be able to use the assets that they have in GMod Tower as that would infringe on the copyright of Mother 3.

I’m looking forward for all gameworlds actually. They are all kinda exciting for me, despite the fact that I am mostly a minigolf addict.