I'm selling stuff on steam

For good deals.

I sell TF2 items/weapons and game cards.

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That’s what I do with most of my extra and expensive trading cards/Strange TF2 weapons.
If you’re good enough, and pull it off right, some times you can get a few bucks just from buying booster packs from the right game and then selling all the stuff inside. On TF2, always check the market before you buy a weapon from the in-game store. Guns that are usually $12.99 can be bought for just a few cents.
Sorry, I got all into it and just started typing

I usually make users pay the amount other users pay for that item, or a few cents more. (I don’t have anything that’s more than 32 cents, though)

It would be useful if you at least listed what you were selling, or if you gave a general idea. Game keys, TF2 items, CS:GO items, cards?

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I sell TF2 items and cards.

hey it me ur brother

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