I'm inunui

hello there everyone, i’m inunui. i’ve spent a great deal of time on Gmod Tower in the past, and i felt that now that i’m participating in the Tower Unite Alpha, it might be best for me to create a forum account so i can report any bugs. finally being a part of the community is just an added bonus. :smile_cat:

i’m an enthusiast gamer, a big fan of all types of video games. i tend to play a lot of “core” games new and old, Dark Souls, Splatoon, and Crimzon Clover, just to name some of the more recent titles. i also sometimes do group hunting on Monster Hunter, so if you’ve got the latest one, feel free to ask for my FC! same goes for Splatoon too! :octopus:

that’s about it for me though, but feel free to ask questions!

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Fourms!

Welcome to the forums, inunui!

This guy’s legit, so you should totally say hello to him.

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Welcome to the forums inunui :smile:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the forums, @inunui! Have a good time

thanks for the warm welcome everyone! i look forward to playing with you all! also a big thanks to whoever made these new forums, it runs and looks great!

Welcome, inunui!