I'm Gasmask, the person whos current name doesn't fit properly in the sign up page

I’m trash at video games, I’ve played Gmod tower for over 100 hours, I have exactly 3,973 hours on Gmod, and I have no life because of it.

If you see a guy named “This snake is 100% solid” in game, that’s me, do everything you can to avoid me. It’s the best course of action. :^)

I also make artwork and workshop items for gmod but who cares about that?


Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Mr_Gasmask. Enjoy your stay! :raising_hand: :grinning:

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Thanks m80.

Welcome onboard.

Welcome to the community! :raising_hand:

Ooh, I remember you.

Who was the spy you mentioned on that server before?

I don’t remember, sorry.

Welcome to the family :new_moon_with_face: you seem like a real cool dude.

Welcome welcome~ From Your Official Robo Waifu of TU! :wave: :wave: :robot: :yellow_heart:

Me being cool, good joke.

You’re right, what a loser amiright :new_moon_with_face:

Loser with no life, 4000 hours on a single game, and keeps having fast food orders being morbidly wrong. :new_moon_with_face:

Sounds like you’ll fit in just fine.

Welcome to our glorious community! :new_moon_with_face:

Welcome! :new_moon_with_face:

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the land of :new_moon_with_face:s

Sick :new_moon_with_face:, dude.


i saw you too O: