I'm AmGonaKOYou101

Yes I know the name is cringy, but I didn’t know what name to use. I have been on the forums for quite a while but thought I would do an introduction and I play Tower Unite of course all the time and other stuff… P.S. I’m also on the PixelTail Games Discord so yeah you could see me in the chat here and there if you are on it too.

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I’ve been here for like 6 months :stuck_out_tongue:

the name is fine, welcome

Ye I know but you get welcomed on Intro posts. So if you don’t make one you aren’t properly introduced and welcomed!

o ok

Welcome to the Late Intro Post Club! Continue to enjoy your stay on the forums! :raising_hand:

Hey man if anyone is late to making an introduction that’s me. Because I haven’t made one.

Welcome to the forums!