I'm actually leaving

…For a break

I think you were trolled by that XD

But anyway, i’m doing a break from forums as you guys recomended me.

I’m glad you’re taking others’ advice. I hope you feel better and return back sometime soon.


I’m happy you’re taking the constructive advice given to you. Hopefully during your time away, you’ll be able to reflect upon yourself and your actions, so that you will be able to come back to these forums as a more mature forum user, and a more mature person overall.


Feel free to make a reintroduction when you decide to come back!


Ive been planning to do so

The only thing that I can do for you is just wish you good luck, and I hope to see you soon.


Well i’m OFFLINE now
I will still be checking on annoucments, sneak peaks, etc on weekends i will be as active as usual.

so you took a break for about 16 hours ok