If your a pixeltail games/tower unite developer. What would you be & why

I would be an animator, cuz i think i can do very good at first-person shooter (Virus + Slaughterday Night Live) animations & stuff

Such as…

If I were to work for PixelTail games. I would do the Media side of stuff.

Maybe something like social media manager where I would create content for the Twitter and post little fun videos on Vine.

Concept artist. I like to doodle and have plenty of ideas for wearables and clothing.

I’d probably be a moderator on the server or on the forums since I’m always on correcting and helping people, especially on tower.

Although I admit I have been gone alot recently only because I’m waiting for Tower Unite

I’d probably do social media stuff. It’s the only place where PTG is lacking. Also, I’d maybe try to get better at modeling so I could make more cosmetics and furniture. I love me some cosmetics and furniture.


When I grow up I wanna be…

I’m trying to learn game design for a Virtual Reality pov, so I’d probably interface and detail everything in that aspect. Tower actually is a really “open” feeling game, where you aren’t too restricted in how you play, or how you perceive the world, so it has some real VR potential, with designing your own space, playing different games and exploring a virtual (and very social) world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot to do and it’s a huge undertaking to make something as inorganic as a source mod mod community game and turn it into a VR experience, but the canvas is still mostly white and the paint hasn’t dried. Let’s see where the game goes.

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I’d probably be a modeler for props, such as furniture pieces for the Condo, and some of the stuff you would buy in the shops. I have an interest in modeling stuff, and already used 3D modeling software like Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya to model some basic things.

I would probably have to do with art direction, I love coloring. C:

If we we’re to be realistic, the most probable position would be as a Programmer. It’s what I do best right now even if I am still novice at it.

I’m still way many miles behind the skill level of Pixeltail Programmers tough, but I hope for one day to get to their level. Knowing you can give life to the stuff an artist or an art team creates it’s something pretty inspiring.


If I were a PTG dev, I would be a Foohy. I’m really good at sitting back, relaxing, and being reflected on.


if i was a developer i would be krionikal
because he is really cool and loved by everybody


Honestly I have no idea what I am good at when it comes to stuff like this, but my best bet would be Map Architect and Modeller. I can feel how I could be really good at this and also very interested in it. Programming doesn’t really sound like my thing.