If you could sell me those Spin To Win And catsack items, how much would i pay?

I would post this in the ‘Questions’ but nah. (this is more of an experiment)

I would really like to know how much would you people sell me these items:

1)Potato gun
2)Hula doll
6)Boulder friend
8)Cool crab

Replying: ex. : 2) 15 U + some reasons

If people are going to sell not-in-stores items, they’re probably just going to use the “right click -> sell” option. It gives 50% back, that’s pretty decent.

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  1. 5,000 U because it is quite uncommon to get from a golden catsack.
  2. Probably for free because they have no value at all to the players and more likely than not everybody has at least 5 - 10 of them and they don’t make for great decorations.
  3. 700 U because they are quite common but not the most common item when it comes to Spin to Win
  4. 150 U because despite because common they do make for a good decoration.
  5. 1,000 U because they aren’t the most common Spin to Win item, but then again, they don’t make for wonderful decorations.
  6. Maybe 10,000 U because they come from the golden catsack, and they do make a good backyard decoration.
  7. 1,500 U because they are pretty common but they do look cool and come from the silver catsack.
  8. Possibly 2,000 because they are a bit uncommon and they look pretty cool.

I wanna buy from you. Almost all of the items listed

I meant the ability to buy and sell stuff to others.
Since you can kinda more profit and the other doesn’t have to hastle to get the items