If we purchase Condo Upgrades in Gmod Tower, will we be refunded the GMC that it costed for them when Tower Unite comes out? (Or do Condo Upgrades transfer over?)

I’ve been thinking about purchasing some Condo Upgrades (like the outside) in my Gmod Tower Condo, but then I started thinking about Tower Unite and how the condos will be different there. Will Condo Upgrades still be a thing in Tower Unite? If so, if we purchase Condo Upgrades in Gmod Tower, will they transfer over? If Condo Upgrades aren’t a thing in Tower Unite and/or if they won’t transfer, will we be refunded the GMC that we paid for the upgrades?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this question has already been asked. I tried searching but found nothing.

Sorta curious about this too

It’s highly probable that the upgrades will move over from the GMod Tower to Tower Unite mostly because there doesn’t seem to be a reason why they wouldn’t. In case they end up not moving over, it’s most likely they will be refunded in some way.

IIRC one of the devs said they want to do condo upgrades differently in TU than in GMT, so you’ll probably get your money back in Units

I think it would work like every other item that won’t exist in TU.

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