If there is no microtransactions how will they add and pay for servers?

if there is no microtrasactions, how do they plan to pay for maintenance, updates, server salaries, ect?

My friend wanted to know about this ^

From the indiegogo money and the purchases from Steam. Ranked and Custom servers are hosted by other users.

Believe it or not, developers used to be able to run all of this without forcing micro-transactions.

Yes, that’s right. There was an age of Gaming prior to DLC. Ah, the halcyon days.


There can always be external ways of micro transactions, and i’m assuming if there are any, people will have to make them.

Deus ex machina of couse

Watch your tongue, that kind of talk is heresy!

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They managed to host tower for years with only donations. Now people will actually be buying the game.

Also people will be able to host their own dedicated servers now so that takes some of the load off of them.