If I expand my condo

When I reach 50k GMC I want to by the outside to my condo but if I do that will I get the outside in tower unite condo? Or are the condos in tower unite completely different?

The current plan is that the Condo System will be completely different. They will be operating off of a Condo Layout System, which would allow you to create your own walls, floors, stairs, rooms, levels, ect. Every part of the Condo’s physical building would be customizable. We don’t have many more details other than that, or at least, from what I could find.

You can see a VERY Pre-Alpha concept of this shown off in really early Alpha Videos. THIS IS VERY ALPHA, and there is no saying this is how it would actually work:

so i shouldnt upgrade?.. ill get yoshi eggs instead.

I think you’ll get a refund for the money you have purchased the outside with, if you choose to do that.

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