If a person is reported for being very racist and sexist in his own condo/other server, is he banned from the main lobby?

So let’s say i witness something like veeeeeeeeeeeeeery horrible in a person’s condo, if i report this person, would he be banned from the main condo? Or is being a very gross and terrible person not rule breaking, but simply showing it publicly in the main lobby is?

I believe the person won’t get banned from the official server if this happened outside of it.

I’m simply asking whether the admins care if the person is horrible outside of the game? As in not allowing horrible people into their servers at all.

Not their server, not their problem.


But what about chat abuse, where a Condo is linked to an official Lobby?


No, as long as you don’t break the rules of the official server when on it you are fine to break them else where, this is a very good thing.

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Yeah this is like a grey area, what bout this?

If it isn’t against the rules why would it be an issue?

The plan is, if you ban someone from your lobby, their condo can’t be linked to your lobby server, thus the chat wouldn’t get sent to the lobby.