Ideas for the game!

  1. Effect machine! (custom made effects put in a fog machine basically)

  2. Normal walls, but you can put images on it! (wood wall concrete blah blah)

  3. A New GameMode!: RunnerThon (it’s deathrun but the traps are just spinning and stuff to knock you out, and the first to get to the finishline wins more points! and theres bonus rounds for the ones with the best score who gets to have a deathrun seeker experience where he activates traps in a little area as a little gamemode-------- Diffrent maps as in gmod!,-Custom Made Maps (to make the game more interesting) and new potions which makes you faster or smaller!

  4. new decorations with special functions! for example a jump pad (can be edited for how much it’ll bounce a player up)

  5. and last but not least, pet customizations (hats, colour and text bubbles!)

I support the 3rd and the 5th one. They would be nice!

Thanks Man!

  1. Would be nice to have.

  2. Canvas texture is an option for all walls and floors, so you can already do this.

  3. They’ve already established long ago that they don’t take gameworld suggestions. They already have all the gameworlds planned.

  4. More interactive stuff is always nice. We do have a trampoline already though.

  5. Already planned.


i meant like for the ones you can buy in stores, not the Ones that are in the actual condo. :sweat_smile:

I think something like that was asked on stream once…
I think the response was that it could maybe happen when advanced condo tools come out I think.

Ah, ok. My bad.


This feature is planned. Hopefully by the time the portable tools are out.

Also jump pads are doable and something I would love to explore as an item. Gotta figure out a good way to make them adjustable, though.

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Thank you so much!

Couldn’t you do it the same way Portal 2 did? Have it spawn a separate, perhaps normally invisible item that dictates the flight trail’s endpoint.
Disclaimer: I have no idea how programming works

I like #1 and #5 really good ideas!

I also wouldn’t mind a deathrun gamemode sometime down the road :slight_smile: